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Formation Access Bars®


It is a certifying training day for family and professional use.

Without pre-requisites, accessible to everyone.

Body and energy technique which activates 32 points on the head by apposition of the fingers, designed to release and dissipate the limiting points of view of your life which stress you, which prevent you from being you and create the life which would be really pleasant for you.

It works on the mental, emotional and physical level .

A tool that quickly becomes essential!

Details of class :


Presentation of Bars®

Practice : you will receive 2 sessions and offer 2 sessions

Throughout the day, I will answer your questions and provide you with additional tools.

You will receive a manual and a certificate .

A lunch break of approximately 1 hour

juliebelleau formation access bars nantes

Duration : one day


Price : 300 € 

150 € repetition price

150 € between 16 and 17 years old included

Free for children up to 15 years old if accompanied by an adult participating in the class (only the manual is charged and optional: 11 €)


Infos : 06 59 11 23 08

Payment by credit card before the class :

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