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Rituel corps & énergie au talc julie belleau nantes

Séance Rituel Corps & Energie 

Toucher énergétique au talc naturel 

1h : 80 € 

I combined my knowings as an energetician with touch and movements for a unique sensory experience each time.

Sometimes your body is thirsty, sometimes it is hungry and sometimes it just asks to be touched ... with kindness and presence.

If you give it to him when he needs it, he will be more relaxed and full of energy!


This session is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body gently, as it is, to make peace with your mind and to love it more and more each time.

La séance se fait sur peau et avec du talc.
Possible sans talc, l'indiquer lors de la prise de RDV, merci.

"A cocoon of well-being and absolute sweetness. The letting go has operated. Julie, very professional and attentive to the demands of the body. Thank you." Angélina

"An awakening of the body and the senses!" Gwenn

"An awakening of the body and the senses!" Gwenn

Contraindications: pregnancy, serious skin diseases.

This session does not replace an opinion, diagnosis, act or medical treatment and does not present itself as such.

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