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Ils ont choisi de recevoir...

"Everything in life comes to me with ease, joy and glory" Access Consciousness®

Not necessarily adept at techniques or approaches to personal development, these sessions with Julie - and exchanges on the subject of coaching - came to reinforce a work of "transformation of me" that I was starting, a little alone.
Following the Bars® sessions (3 sessions), I was able to make decisions which seem completely obvious to me today but which weren't before ... No big decisions with a direct impact on my personal or professional life, but choices that will trigger other things and bring about change. And that's what I needed.
I found, I think, the strength to act on things.

Céline, 39 years old

Wonderful moments of relaxation for me. It made my wish for personal change easier.

I recommend ... for researchers in joy in itself!

Carolle, 46 years old

"I received the Bars® 3 or 4 times by Julie, you immediately feel an intense energy between her and the points that are activated ...

The changes brought by Access Bars® were very intense and profound for me. Not outside ... but inside of me. These are all my unconscious fears that gently transform into a deep sense of security! Accompanied by a discreet but intensely beneficial release! How to say ... it is a real transformation in depth, the basis of all that could come as ideas, beliefs, thoughts which were agitated in my head. Over time, it turned into big puffs of air. I become more and more confident, serene and I feel completely secure from the inside!

It's really very pleasant to feel ... especially since this feeling keeps on settling and taking up more and more space in my daily life ... how to say ... life becomes more fluid, simpler and more joyful ...

Thank you very much, Julie and your very professional support! "

Alexandra, 45

A beautiful moment for yourself.
A care lavished with delicacy and discretion.

To consciously reveal joy.
Thank you

Marion, 47

" After having divorced , experienced deaths, and then retired, I realized that I needed help to live better.

I followed two therapies, one with a conventional method, the other not.

Then I decided to work alone on my personal development and I quickly found my limits because I did not know how to proceed.

When Julie offered me a personalized follow-up and regular based on the difficulties of the moment, I found the idea interesting and decided to work with it.

I was surprised by the effectiveness of some simple and quick tools to implement. I was also faced with difficulties related to deep problems and they were clearly identified.

Since I feel better, I regained self-confidence , learned to manage my emotions and conflicts with myself in the moment, which allows me to be freer and lighter . "                                                                 Michel, 55 years old


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