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As part of a life coaching, here is the charter on which the coach and the client will commit:

1- The coach consciously authorizes himself to exercise this function based on his training, experience and supervision.

2- The coach is bound by professional secrecy.

3- Aware of his position, the coach refrains from exercising any abuse of influence.

4- Obligation of means and not of result: the coach takes all the means necessary to allow, within the framework of the client's request, the professional and personal development of the coachee, including by having recourse, if necessary, to a colleague .

5- The coach can refuse coaching support for reasons specific to the organization, to the applicant or to himself. In this case, he indicates one of his colleagues.

6- Coaching is a technique for professional and personal development. The coach therefore leaves all responsibility for his decisions to the coachee.

7- The coach adapts his intervention in accordance with the stages of development of the coachee.

8- Coaching is carried out in the synthesis of the interests of the coachee and his organization.

9- the client is committed to being punctual in the appointments made with the coach. It being understood that any delay of more than 15 minutes cancels the session which will be as if lost.

10- In case of cancellation of an appointment, the client informs the coach of this cancellation at least 48 hours in advance.

11- If one of the two parties wishes to interrupt the support or the contract, he must notify the other.

A session lasts on average 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. It takes place in a place chosen by both parties.

For a Bars® session or other bodily process

In the event of an appointment being canceled, please notify at least 48 hours in advance.

The session takes place at home within the geographical limit of Nantes and its neighboring municipalities.

These practices are carried out in the context of well-being: I can refuse care for reasons specific to the request or personal.

These practices do not replace an opinion, diagnosis, act or medical treatment and do not present themselves as such.

It is impossible to guarantee a specific result because it varies from person to person, as it is impossible to guarantee a result identical to that of the people who testified on this site.

Payment terms

Payment for a session is made at the start of the session, in cash, by credit card.

For a remote session, payment must be received before via Paypal.

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