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Access Consciousness®... What is it ?


Access Consciousness®   was founded in the USA by Gary Douglas almost 30 years ago.

It is a simple and pragmatic set of tools that facilitate any personal growth, such as coaching, to optimize and accelerate. Using them regularly, even independently, is an asset in life.

There are original and accessible bodily processes and verbal processes : lots of common sense, humor and taboos lifted! Important to remember, these processes do not force anything , they help to let go of the things that you and your body are ready to let go and / or change.

The best known of the bodily processes, Bars® , is the basis of these techniques. Receiving this process is a real cleanse for the mind and body. It helps to get rid of emotional patterns, thoughts, etc, affecting all aspects of life, which have certainly been useful for you but which no longer have any and are starting to overload your mind and body, to hinder your path and keep you from moving forward. We can also note a decrease in stress, an improvement in sleep, morale and general health.

No intention is to be posed, other than that of allowing oneself to receive .

Other bodily processes can be used, in which case the body will always be the one to be asked what it wishes to receive, as in kinesiology. Learning to listen to your body is one of the benefits of these tools.

As for the verbal processes, they can be used by the practitioner with the person's agreement and can be personalized.

The will of Access is to bring as many people as possible to more awareness. Consciousness is true freedom and the only protection one can have.

Thus, the more we open ourselves to consciousness, the more we are in the capacity to be, to receive, to know and to perceive . A whole world of possibilities opens up to you and you become grateful for what you choose and for what the universe offers you.

How does it get even better than this ?! What can you choose and create now that has never been available before?




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