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A coaching session? What is that ?

Coaching is a selfhelp process which aim is to allow you to get a better knowledge of yourself, to access your personal capacities and to use them in your advantage.

The forerunner of coaching was Socrates and Maieutics.

This allows you to grasp the outside world, everyday life and relationships with much more ease and lightness .

Your life becomes an enriching adventure and not just a series of problems to solve, risks to manage, obligations, burdens to shoulder ... It is obvious that there are things to do, organize, response to the changes you will get. It is necessary to choose and to act!

Coaching is based on the present moment and the future . Dwell on the past slowed you down. Admittedly, it is an interesting database which, according to the coaching, is not really useful for removing current blockages.

Do you think this is the source of the problem? If so, that's good news! Thus, by facilitating a current problem, instead of reliving the past trauma, it will alleviate the latter.

It's like pulling on a thread that sticks out and everything can be torn apart!

This does not mean that the past cannot be mentioned. Besides, it is a source of satisfaction to be able to see change, before / after. The coaching technique is said to be brief (10-12 sessions maximum for the same objective) and is based on action .

There is a part of reflection of course. It becomes an active reflection if you choose to be accompanied by a coach. The role of the coach is to solicit you and to provoke, through his questions and reformulations , a mirror effect for you. This accelerates thinking and the coach invites you to take action and supports you in this process. Some tools inspired by NLP, systemic analysis, transactional analysis and other tools specific to the coach can be used during the sessions to optimize the process of the person being supported. The coach has an objective of means and not of result . The result is the responsibility of the coachee. No one other than you can decide to start and lead this process as well as possible, it all depends on your personal motivations . The role of the coach is, among other things, to remind and encourage you. The process can be as unsettling and uncomfortable at times because the coach must be kind without lowering the bar that you set yourself in order to make things happen !

You will acquire autonomy by realizing that you have all the capacities within you to create what you desire.

You become the hero of the adventure you choose to live!

Are you ready) ?

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